Chief Edwin Kaliku, PhD

Advisory Board Member

Chief Edwin Kaliku, Sr. B.Sc, M.Sc, LL.B, PhD. FSI. Chief Egbe and a member of the Agbor Royal family. Onu-Ika Ambassador to the United States of America and Canada.

Chief Edwin Kaliku, Sr. is a man of many Nationalities. He was born and grew up as a child in Nigeria with the Akinkugbe, Stephen Ulebor and Emmanuel Akwara families. He spent the later part of his growing years in Accra Ghana with the Dove Edwin, Rev. Thompson and the Akinwumi families. Later, in Monrovia with the Pabs-Garnon, Robert D. George, Dennis Jallah, J. Daniel Porter and Mr. Gertrude Porter families.

In 1966, Chief Kaliku was a soccer Captain at the Baptist Academy Lagos,

Chief and Mrs. Kaliku

During their generous hosting one of ANCD monthly meetings.

Nigeria. He played soccer for Nigeria Junior Academicals in 1965-66. In Liberia, Chief Kaliku played first division with Mighty Barrolle, University of Liberia, County Meet and the Liberian National team as a goal Keeper (1968-1975) He later became a Fifa Referee 1975-2005.

Chief Kaliku was Captain in the Liberia Military, he was the Commanding Officer for the 1979 Organization of African Unity (OAU) event held in Monrovia, Liberia for all the African Heads of State. He also served as Master Sergeant, Special Assistant to the Commanding Officer of the Sixth Infantry Regiment. In 1978 he was promoted to the position of Adjutant, Sixth infantry Regiment of the Militia Armed Forces, Republic of Liberia (1978-1980) before the April 1980 change of government.

Chief Kaliku is a founding member and past president of Association of Nigerians in the Capital District (ANCD) and currently serving as an Advisory Board member. Past present of the African Community of the Capital District (ACCD). First national president of Ika National Association, USA. Inc. 2000 2005. He currently serve as the National President, United Africa Organizations in the United States of America and Board member Agbor-USA, Inc. Besides his membership in ANCD, he is a member of Liberia, Ghana, Organizations in the Capital District. He is a recipient of many awards in the United States of America and Africa for his humanitarian works.