About Us

Welcome to the Official Website of the Association of Nigerians in the Capital District of the State of New York (ANCD). We are pleased to have you visit our site and hope you find the information in each page useful and informative.

A not-for-profit organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt code, ANCD was formed in 1993 by a group of Nigerians living in the Capital District of the State of New York. ANCD provides services to our host communities through cu January 21, 2013ng people.

Our Mission: To promote programs that reflect the aspirations of Nigerian-Americans and to make positive contributions to our community.

Our Goals:

  • To dedicate ourselves to the unity, progress and strength of our Association and our host community; and to promote the general welfare of our members.
  • To keep the community clearly and reliably informed about Nigeria and its people.
  • To organize and implement social, cultural and educational activities that meet the needs and interests of our members.
  • To work cooperatively with public and private agencies, businesses, and community organizations through exchange of ideas on issues of interest to ANCD members and the community.